Glitter: the herpes of the craft world

 Back to the silver shoulder piece. While the hot glue and wire were strong, they ended up not being stiff enough to keep the piece upright without further support. I already had some 16-gauge brass wire from other projects, so I bent that in a modified upside-down V shape and attached it to the back side of the shoulder piece with more hot glue. I extended the wire down almost to the waist for the best support.
The thicker wire worked much better, and while I had the glue gun out I attached some of the rhinestones I cut off the bodice (more on that later) to a few spots on the shoulder piece– the eye of the bird, a few places along the wings, etc. I figured that I should incorporate them into the main piece rather than trying to glue them on top of the paint and glitter afterwards.
I went on to paint the piece with silver craft paint on both sides, then on the front side I coated small sections at a time in Mod-Podge and covered them with silver glitter.  It was important to only put glitter on the front side to keep it from rubbing off the back once it was attached to the dress. I used regular coarse glitter (rather than the extra-fine stuff you see around) to get a flashier sparkle. I can’t tell from the original dress images, but it looks like they either used coarse glitter or really tiny rhinestones. In any case, after the glitter dried on I went over the whole thing again in Mod-Podge (the glossy kind, not matte) to prevent it from shedding everywhere. I’m sure I’ll be finding glitter all over the house anyway, but at least I tried to contain it somewhat.
I’m really happy with how this part turned out– it basically worked exactly how I thought it would, which is always nice when trying a new technique.
Cost of paint: $1.79 
Cost of glitter; $3.99
Annoyance factor: 3 out of 10 for the glitter

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