Trimming the wrong side

So remember how I said that I wasn’t going to bother sewing trim on the wrong side of the ruffles, since no one would see it? Well, that was when I was expecting to make horizontal tiers– with the vertical cascading ruffles, the wrong side shows. A lot. The stitching from the tulle ruffles is showing through and doesn’t look so great. But now that the tulle is on, it would be a lot harder to sew trim on the wrong side without messing up the right side. 
Solution: hot glue! It works pretty well, though it does peel off if you pull hard enough. I figure that there won’t be much wear and tear on these, so it should be fine. But I was going to have to iron everything, because the tulle trim hadn’t taken well to being wrapped up on spools before being sewn to the fabric, and got completely wrinkled and twisty again once sewn down. And ironing would be impossible once hot glue entered the picture, so that had to get done first. After everything was ironed nice and flat, I flipped the circular ruffles over and glued the trim to cover the sewing lines. 
Sure, it sounds easy– and it was. It just took FOREVER. Not quite as long as it took to sew the tulle trim on in the first place, but it was just as many yards’ worth of trim, only glued instead of sewn. And so, so boring, except for the occasional fingertip-burning from smoothing down glue that hadn’t quite cooled enough. Ugh, this may have been my least favorite part of this whole project so far.
Annoyance factor: 7 out of 10

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