Skirt completed!

We’re in the home stretch now! I finished all of the trim on the vertical ruffles, and pinned them around the skirt until they looked “right.” Subjective, I know, but the original dress isn’t exactly geometrically precise either. Then I hand-sewed them all down in place. I would have preferred to machine-sew, but there was no way my little sewing machine would’ve been able to get around all of the volume in the skirt. Plus, in order to get the ruffles to fall correctly I had to stitch them down in meandering lines, which would’ve been really tough to handle on the machine. 
Next I trimmed the tulle top tier to the right length and hand-stitched a row of tulle trim onto it, so it would blend in with the rest of the skirt. Not quite like the original, which had miniature versions of the other trims, but it looks just fine. 
Here’s the finished skirt!
Next up– the bodice!

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