Just about done!!!

Once the skirt was done, it was time to move on to the bodice. I’d already removed the sequins, beads, and rhinestones from the front panels, but I left them mostly in place on the back, for extra sparkle. Annoyingly, the large rhinestones weren’t just sewed on– they were also glued, some of them so well that I had to literally rip them off the bodice, leaving some unsightly holes behind. I decided to cover them with feathers. Anyway, removing the embellishments left me with a blank slate in front and a bowl of sequins and rhinestones for later use. I used many of the rhinestones on the shoulder piece, but I’ve still got quite a few left over.
I knew that I wanted to make the shoulder piece detatchable, because otherwise the dress would be nearly impossible to transport. So how to get it firmly attached to the bodice, yet be able to remove it and re-attach it easily? I thought about using elastic loops that would go around some of the wire-enforced areas and close with buttons or snaps, or a bunch of those extra-strong mini-magnets, but eventually I went with a simpler solution: ribbon.
I attached short sections of 1/4″ white satin ribbon to various points on the bodice, then just wrapped them through some of the wire-enforced areas on the piece, tied them tightly, then tucked the ends back behind the filigree. With all the glitter and rhinestones in front you don’t even notice them. And while the knots are tough to untie, you can do that at your leisure once the dress is off. If I could do it all over again I’d add more pieces of the thicker wire to the shoulder piece to keep it extra stiff, but I think it’ll hold the way it is right now.
Anyway, after attaching the shoulder piece I glued some white feathers to the bodice for accents, and I was basically done!!!
So what do you think? It’s not perfect, but it’s a pretty good costume nonetheless! And done just in time for Anime Boston this weekend!
I may add a few more rhinestones here and there just for extra bling, and I still have to make the hair feathers (subject of my next post), but I’m really happy with how it looks already. I tried it on last night before I finished the bodice and it’s so fluffy that it’s a pleasure to wear. Can’t wait!

One thought on “Just about done!!!

  1. Thank you so much for posting your progress on this! I will be attempting a similar dress for my daughter (on a thrift shop prom dress base), so it’s so helpful to see your thought process and pick up tips.

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