The accessories

Besides the actual dress, I needed a few things to complete the look– namely, hair and makeup.


For the feathers Katniss wears in her hair, I took three white duck feathers I had from another project, trimmed them to shape, and glued tiny rhinestones (also already in my stash) to the base of each feather. Then I glued bobby pins to the back so they’d stay in my hair. Really easy to do, though the bobby pins did come un-glued after I took them out of my hair, so hot glue may not be the best adhesive for this.


There aren’t many good images of the back of her hair online, though there are plenty of tutorials on how to do the elaborate bun/braided loop hairstyle that is supposedly what she uses. I have reasonably long hair, but it’s not thick enough to support something that elaborate, so I fell back on fake hair– two packages of it– which I braided to use. Two small braids for the loops and one larger braid to add to the big bun in addition to my own hair. It was pretty easy, and if anyone needs a tutorial I may post one at some point.


Finally, the makeup. Since it’s not Halloween I couldn’t find the right fake eyelashes in the stores, and by the time I thought of it there was no time to order online, so I went with some standard scary-thick eyelashes, which I trimmed a little. I attached the tiny rhinestones right underneath the lower lashline with eyelash glue (the clear kind). Then I just applied some shimmery gray, white, and black eyeshadow (and a light pink lip gloss, but that’s boring so no picture). Next time I’ll be sure to get the right eyelashes, because I really think they’re necessary for the whole look.


Pictures from Anime Boston to come!


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