Costuming has always been a hobby of mine– I think I started drawing out ideas for dresses when I was about 7, and really started sewing my own stuff when I discovered the Renaissance Faire  as a high school freshman. Since then, I’ve tried historical costuming, steampunk, anime cosplay, and now this– arguably one of my most insane projects (particularly as I’ve set myself a timeline of less than two months!).

Besides sewing, my daily routine involves wrangling two cats and an inquisitive toddler, and baking sugary treats to foist off on the unsuspecting!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I am looking to do this same dress for my husbands winter themed party. I already have an existing, plain wedding dress. Was this a difficult task, or do you think i should have a seamstress do it for me.

    Thank you,
    Your dress is awesome!
    Monica from Austin, Tx

    • Monica– It really depends on how accurate you want to be. If you just want something that looks kind of like the dress, you could just make the silver shoulder piece and attach it to your plain wedding dress– it’ll still be recognizable. If you actually want to have the ruffled skirt, there’s really no easy way to do it– it’s got to be done from scratch and you’ll definitely want the ruffler attachment I mention. It wasn’t that difficult, just tedious, but if you don’t have a decent amount of sewing experience you may want to hire a seamstress.

      That being said, if you’re a size 6-10 I’ve been considering selling my dress. It’s got a corset back so it’s pretty flexible in size, and it’s only been worn once, and I just wanted to get one more photo shoot out of it before it was going to be retired for a while… let me know if you’re interested, and what you think you’d like to spend. At the very least, if you’ve got a low budget I could direct you to some resources for making your own!

  2. This blog is such a great document of your experience- I hadn’t made anything complicated like a big dress before I started on a costume for part of my degree and once you’ve made one thing you get the bug and it feels like anythings possible! Can’t wait to make more things now! Have you gone on to make any more crazy adventurous costumes? 🙂

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