Even more trim…

So all of the vertical ruffles now have tulle on them– I just need to do the top ruffle and that should be it. I’m definitely glad that I used 3 rows of tulle instead of 4 on everything, because I never would have had enough otherwise. I’ve got about 10 yards left, which should be plenty for the top tier ruffle, but not nearly enough to do anything else with.
Next up is sewing all of the narrow trim to the ruffles. I did draw pencil lines for each row as sewing guides this time, and it made things a lot more uniform looking. I did four rows, spaced about 1.5-2″ apart– I realize that the original dress has the lines of trim much more closely spaced, but I don’t have enough trim to do that for the entire dress, so this is what I’m sticking with.