The Budget

“How much did it cost?” That’s the question I know you’re all dying to ask. Well, here’s the breakdown so far:

*Ebay wedding gown ($58.98 incl. shipping)
*Hoop skirt ($10.59, free shipping)
*15 yards white drapery sheers ($61.50 incl. shipping)
*30 25-yard rolls of 3″ white tulle ($35.01 incl. shipping)
*1 spool of 1/2″ white trim (32.00 incl. shipping)
*Hot glue ($8.99 for 12 10″ sticks)
*Wire supports ($3.29 and 3.49 for two kinds of wire)
*White thread ($3.00 for 9 spools)
*Silver glitter ($3.99)
*White feathers ($3.98 and $2.99 for two different kinds)
*Silver craft paint ($1.79)
Total spent so far: $229.60
Budget: $300.00

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